Lucullus Merkartikelen (sambal,ketjap,chillie saus,mie enz.)
  • We introduce ourselves to you at Your specialist and there you can read about the Roman general Lucullus, among other things. He enjoyed serving delicious and varied Asian dishes to the guests who came to his famous big dinners and parties. Thanks to him, the name Lucullus stands for ‘connoisseur’.  And it can only follow that our own brand stands for high-quality, tasty rijsttafel (rice table) products.
  • Our own brand, Lucullus, includes a very extensive assortment of items for the rijsttafel. Get to know our various types of soy sauce, sambal, sauces, noodles, fried onions and much more. Just to name a few bestsellers: try the delicious Lucullus Chili Sauce and Thai Chili Sauce or our famous Ketjap Benteng!
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